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Samsung Gear VR with Controller powered by Oculus hands-on review

Dental VR has led to an explosion of mobile virtual reality, and now Samsung believes that it does not lag behind VR upstarts, such as Daydream View. How? With the new controller is gorgeous.

Possible new smartphone Galaxy was not in the slot, but I still see the first update headsets and the new controller at the Mobile World Congress this year. Currently there are no applications or games that can be tried, it is a demonstration of pure demonstration – but patted controller, I have a good idea of ​​what to expect when she will appear later this year.

With the touch panel with a touch screen at the top and at the rear trigger new controller VR gear has more than a little odor Vive HTC and Google Daydream View. It’s not bad. It is quite fashionable, but it is quite comfortable to grip and has a slot for attaching the strap to the wrist – so you do not send it until you are wildly waving his hand.

We hope that it integrates all the usual accelerometers and motion sensors, but no security cameras on the headset is unlikely that it will appear in VR, as well as control of HTC Vive. It is powered by two AAA batteries instead of USB C, such as controllers Daydream View. With a large number of sensors, packaged in the controller, it will be interesting to see how long you can play between replacements.

How it will work if you are in VR? It is still a mystery. I guess it could work as a stick, like walking Daydream View, but the touchpad, which you can click, scroll through the menus should also much more convenient than every time it reaches the headset.

Dental VR headset itself is no different than the latest version of 2016, which came with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 in August. Now a bit easier, with little change on the front cover that protects you while you are away in a virtual reality, but otherwise it was almost the same as before.

This means user-friendly material that surrounds the same face, the same lens that makes the most of QHD resolution screen of your phone. However, since the beginning, and before the start may still change, and specifications have not been confirmed, we do not know whether the increased field of view of 101 degrees to experience more memorable.

the box can be a controller, but kept the old headset built-in touch pad, so you do not need to save something every time you want to try VR. Just watch the video? Put the controller and scroll using the headset. Expect USB-connector is also switchable appear here again. In my version of microUSB I installed the demo unit, but it can easily be replaced with a version of the USB-C. This means that the old Galaxy phone will fully support the new headset and, of course, the new controller.