Vodafone allegedly reveals Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S8 and its more related, S8 Plus, is expected to eventually make their official appearance tomorrow, but details about the two phones continued to leak. The last piece of the big S8 puzzle is the price: we heard from various sources that the price of the new phone will be higher than the Galaxy S7 family, with several different prices for different markets.

Today we hear news about the price of the S8 Galaxy family in Europe and the Czech Republic, in particular. Information allegedly came from Vodafone Czech Republic. Here are the numbers:

Galaxy S8 – 21 977 CZK (equivalent to approximately € 815)
Galaxy S8 + – CZK 24,977 (equal to € 925)

Keep in mind that the price in euros is an indicator of the average price of the Galaxy S8 in Europe.

As you can see clearly, the trend is confirmed: the Galaxy S8 will most likely cost more than its predecessor, at least initially. For comparison, last year we had to follow the price for the S7 series in Europe:

Galaxy S7 – € 700
Galaxy S7 Edge – € 800

We are curious to see how customers will respond to new prices higher. Chances are that in the United States, where the real value of the phone remains hidden in your monthly payments in one form or another, the higher the price will be less noticeable, but how in the global market where users are accustomed to paying the full retail price of the device? Only time will tell.

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