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Buy an LG G6 stateside when it launches, and score a free Google Home from LG

It is an unusual thing to find out before the actual suggested retail price of a brand new premium smartphone, but, apparently, LG G6 sooner or later you will come up with a set of free Google Home Country … sooner or later.

Well, technically, you will need to purchase Google Now included with lg.com/us online rewards site after you press the G6 has “authorized mobile operator or retailer.” But the procedure should be relatively smooth and without problems, even though the time for action is limited, and it may take some time, depending on supply and demand.

As a rule, in itself, an intelligent speaker Big G / home computer hub received 129 US dollars, which does not sneeze. Again, if history shows that the four leading wireless service providers, and other third party vendors may have additional surprises and free.

Of course, LG G6 looks more impressive, refined and focused on the mainstream both on paper and in real life than its predecessor. But it is difficult (and tougher) competition, plus a rumored $ 750 or more the initial price in the US are mostly guaranteed flow introductory promotion. Bring a discount war war, and, hopefully, Galaxy S8 will follow

Worrying number of Nexus 6 owners are encouraged to ‘update’ from Android 7.1.1 to 7.0

A quick check on reality. hardware and software for mobile phones Google Nexus and Pixel, and the retail availability of the new family is a disaster in the last few months. There is no point in beating around the bush, and no longer need to shorten the search giant slack for Pixel XL looks so good … on paper.

But as soon as they think that things could not get worse, loyal users of the original Nexus 6, apparently, dealt another pleasant surprise. The most curious thing of all, it offers a system update to Android 7.0 ….

Now you can remember what was released was released in 2014. Motorola phablet, waiting for an official invitation to the nougat for a long time. But, in the end, no progress resale OS is important, and, finally, errors that come with it, has been canceled.

Then Android 7.1.1 and (eventually) brought to the computer 6 inches Snapdragon 805, is not without its share before and after the failure of implementation. So why all of a sudden back to 7.0? To finish the job with a “100% unused” device “spam message that ends at all”, for obvious reasons, the obnoxious owner Nexus 6. It is enough that they thought it was a problem that relatively spacious (another), some of which support their claims using visual evidence critical.

At present, the obvious “correction” is easy to ignore the renewal notice. If you have not installed it, and in this case, you may have trouble.

Snapdragon 835-powered Meizu flagship in the works, could be the Meizu Pro 7

After many ups and downs between the Meizu and Qualcomm seems that the two companies could be reconciled, such as new leaks show that they can work together on a ship to come, which may or may not end up being Pro 7 Meizu.

If it will, it will be the first leader of the Meizu, which will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, but it will not be the only “first” on the device to the manufacturer. Apparently, this phone for the first time offering a curved display and two cameras on the back panel.

In the calendar, there are no other details or specific dates, but is rumored to be the mainstay, may be accompanied by other phones, equipped with Snapdragon chipset 626. This may be a “lite” version of the Meizu Pro 7 or phone completely different