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Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra hands-on review

There is not circumvent this – Ultra Sony Xperia XA1 great. Maybe it’s too much for the average user, but if you appreciate the on-screen real estate, especially, and the results of the standard 5.5 inches or more mobile “Plus” do it for you, then this is one of the biggest mobile phone that you can get.

The situation is exacerbated by the large scope that Sony, apparently, insisted to put up and down their phones. Or maybe he just had to have them, to fit all the technology in it. We’re not sure, but in any case it makes one-handed expectations may or random. The picture above shows the next iPhone 7 Plus, and even beats the phone – itself the largest in size of housing.

In addition, the screen 1080p Hi-Res especially by modern standards, where 1440p is quickly becoming the norm – you end up with 367 PPI, which is close to the iPhone 7. But as Apple, Sony usually does not display the fantastic, and Xperia XA1 Ultra resume that tradition in fine form.

I saw some clips on your phone, including the Trainer “Spider-Man: Homecoming┬╗, and they all look great detail and contrast, although I would have liked the brightness a bit more. Although we do not yet know the price XA1 Ultra, we believe that it will be permanently located in the mid-range bracket. this makes sense, because we know that the standard XA1 will arrive in the uS for $ 300 Mid Ranger with a screen size is not much, so XA1 Ultra might fill the gap.

Sony has long surpassed, when it comes to camera technology – in fact it was so good that many other smartphones, including the iPhone and Google Pixel 7, now using a Sony sensor.

We need to see if the camera can be XA1 Xperia Ultra to reach such heights, but on paper, at least, the signs are good. First of all, the rear camera is a 23 megapixel monster that is significantly superior to the majority of mobile middle class when it comes to counting the number of pixels. Of course, higher image quality than megapixels, but the front camera is similarly composed with a 16-megapixel sensor and LED flash, and optical image stabilization. It seems that this camera is built for the fans themselves.

I can not really put their cameras to test during our short time with Ultra XA1, but considering the specification and the pedigree of Sony in this area, we hope that it will be better than most of the Rangers.

XA1 Xperia Ultra Shake is not the last processor Qualcomm, which is much more expensive Xperia XZ Premium, but the performance is still respected for those who care about the processor and RAM. octa-core processor from MediaTek used for power devices, while the 4 GB of RAM support phone with some latest flagships, including the G6 LG. Built-in memory of 64 GB is also quite good, but can be expanded via microSD, if you want to watch content on the big screen this.

On the power side 2700mAh is little cause for concern. LG G6, for example, 3300mAh pack in the lower frame. This is a feature that is difficult to test in an environment of a trade show, but rest assured, we will do when it comes to testing. Meanwhile, if you prefer the battery life when it comes to buying a smartphone, it’s best to look elsewhere.