Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 listed as ‘coming soon’ to Best Buy at $600, S Pen included

Android tablet returns in style suddenly, or so Samsung seems to think, show a long delayed third generation Galaxy Tab on MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​along with Galaxy book more productive for Windows 10 with power.

Of course, 7.0 until 9.7 inches by itself Nougat walk is not a toy, so we probably should not be too surprised that it seemed to be moving in the United States at a price that is more luxurious than $ 599.99. Unfortunately, Best Buy can still only tell you when the Galaxy S3 becomes available, stay with the mom on the actual release date, and also avoid taking pre-orders for a while.

We were not very happy about the lack of LTE connection in the $ 600 fine, and in the case of the keyboard, that extra-special banquet will set you back a whopping $ 130 extra … sooner or later. On the side of a clear, bright, at least bundle BB Snapdragon 820 slate with one extra large S handle, measuring 9.4 mm, but sporting an ultra-narrow 0.7 mm tip for “nature’s most handwriting” possible.

The remarkable features of the other (with the standard Android tablet) includes 4GB of RAM, QXGA beautiful (2048 × 1536) Super AMOLED touchscreen with the ability to play HDR video images, 32GB expandable memory, 13 cameras / 5MP and a battery of 6000mAh supposedly good at Within 12 hours of holidays -watching. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also equipped with an “all-new”, S-series phone inspired by the design of the glass, which you will either love or hate at first.

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