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Oppo ups periscope to add 5x zoom tech to its phone cameras

“Oppo” pursuit to be the best in its class when it comes to camera technology to your smartphone, try to change something, rather than follow the crowd in the arrangement of the two sensors.

Today in the World of Mobile World Congress, the company announced the release of a fully functional technology Dual Camera Zoom 5x zoom, which extends the optical zoom lens is a telephoto to create a “5x zoom without loss.” To give some perspective, the iPhone 7 Plus the camera is capable of 2x optical zoom, while the Asus Zenfone Zoom 2.3x 3 can manage.

So, how exactly Oppo do what Apple and Asus did not?

Opposition attention to everything maritime, combined with the response of the periscope was inspired by photography. The concept of a small camera module is 5.7 mm cleverly multiplying the light through a lens and a telephoto lens that is mounted at an angle of 90 degrees with a wide-angle lens on the back side. The horizontal arrangement can provide a closer view than before (at least on the phone), but were still able to maintain a slim silhouette.

Needless to say, the more you zoom in while shooting photos, small movements will increase, causing a magnified image blur that you can barely see. To overcome this, Oppo dramatically improve optical image stabilization by 40%, to ensure that even the slightest hand corner does not do anything to ruin your perfect image.

the camera module prototype is able to compensate for hand-shake to the micro level, taste and adjust the mechanism prizmnym to OCD, the same increase of 0.0025. It gives you a clear image even with a 5-fold increase in full.

Unfortunately, until it comes to a real phone.

The announcement today demonstrates a technique similar to how the Oppo has shown that rapid charging technology super-gadget VOOC at MWC last year that have not appeared on your phone Al Oppo. But it shows that Oppo is often ignored by the meat of engineering and, more importantly, the potential for simple camera smartphone.

Due to our short time between image quality with an increased five-fold and the real difference between it and the ill-concealed iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully we will see both of these technologies, launched at MWC Oppo Superfone sooner rather than later