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New Samsung Galaxy S8

This morning, Samsung showed a new teaser Samsung Galaxy S8 in the form of a poster. In Korea, the poster reads: “Settlement and a New Start,” can make a statement about the problem last year with the Samsung Galaxy Note in Figure 7. The teaser shows the person standing next to the door in the form of a smartphone. Inviting open space through the portal, with different planets and meteors to do it through the door.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 and S8 +, which will be opened on March 29 in New York (which is March 30 in Korea due to time difference). Preliminary orders must be made between April 7 and April 17. Analysts who spend most of their time thinking about things like sales and profits, hoping that the number of units of the Samsung Galaxy S8 belongs to the top 400,000 allocated for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + will be launched on April 28 ,

In addition, this morning, television ads that use the same images as an accompanying teaser broadcast in South Korea. The image seems to suggest that the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + will offer some improvement to the VR.

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) leaked specs

Two smartphones Galaxy J is going to make its debut in the United States in the near future, Galaxy J3 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017), but we just learned that three can come along as well.

First, we got the wind of the undeclared Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) back in February, when the smartphone was seen in the Wi-Fi Alliance with the model number SM-J530FM / DS. The only information about the phone is the fact that it runs Android 6.0 Zephyr at the time.

Today the phone appears again, but this time we were blessed with a little more information about its specification. Samsung’s SM-J530FM model was recently listed on the Geekbench, and while some of the details of our offer can not be 100% accurate, it should be enough to give us an idea of ​​what should happen.

First, smart phones are currently running Android 7.0 nougat, which is more than the long-awaited improvement. In the center of the Galaxy J5 (2017) is the same chip that powers the Galaxy J7 Prime, 7870. The octa-nuclear processor Exynos is paired with 2 GB of RAM, but the amount of memory remains a mystery at the moment.

We do not know more about camera phones and batteries, but we will have some information on the Galaxy J5 (2017) coming up in the coming weeks. We were also not sure whether this smartphone will be launched in the United States, such as Galaxy J3 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017), but we hope to find out more in the near future.

Oppo ups periscope to add 5x zoom tech to its phone cameras

“Oppo” pursuit to be the best in its class when it comes to camera technology to your smartphone, try to change something, rather than follow the crowd in the arrangement of the two sensors.

Today in the World of Mobile World Congress, the company announced the release of a fully functional technology Dual Camera Zoom 5x zoom, which extends the optical zoom lens is a telephoto to create a “5x zoom without loss.” To give some perspective, the iPhone 7 Plus the camera is capable of 2x optical zoom, while the Asus Zenfone Zoom 2.3x 3 can manage.

So, how exactly Oppo do what Apple and Asus did not?

Opposition attention to everything maritime, combined with the response of the periscope was inspired by photography. The concept of a small camera module is 5.7 mm cleverly multiplying the light through a lens and a telephoto lens that is mounted at an angle of 90 degrees with a wide-angle lens on the back side. The horizontal arrangement can provide a closer view than before (at least on the phone), but were still able to maintain a slim silhouette.

Needless to say, the more you zoom in while shooting photos, small movements will increase, causing a magnified image blur that you can barely see. To overcome this, Oppo dramatically improve optical image stabilization by 40%, to ensure that even the slightest hand corner does not do anything to ruin your perfect image.

the camera module prototype is able to compensate for hand-shake to the micro level, taste and adjust the mechanism prizmnym to OCD, the same increase of 0.0025. It gives you a clear image even with a 5-fold increase in full.

Unfortunately, until it comes to a real phone.

The announcement today demonstrates a technique similar to how the Oppo has shown that rapid charging technology super-gadget VOOC at MWC last year that have not appeared on your phone Al Oppo. But it shows that Oppo is often ignored by the meat of engineering and, more importantly, the potential for simple camera smartphone.

Due to our short time between image quality with an increased five-fold and the real difference between it and the ill-concealed iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully we will see both of these technologies, launched at MWC Oppo Superfone sooner rather than later

Huawei P10 Review

Huawei P10 – is the iPhone in the form of Android. It is similar to the iPhone, behaves like the iPhone and in many ways compete with the iPhone. This is not a simple clone – at P10 has charm and weakness. But there are similarities, the two chambers scaling up appearances. Even the battery life of the Apple flagship reflect mainstay.

Huawei is not the first to take this road and it will not be the last, but P10 is probably the best efforts of the condo with the Apple magic formula for Android masses. It is the inevitable comparison obvious from the moment I took P10 – because it really looks like on the iPhone.

He has the same slim body with a metal back, the same smooth curve, and actually it was more like an Apple phone from a Samsung Galaxy, HTC or LG. Of course, there are differences: the volume and power button located on the right side, and fingerprint sensors are diamond-shaped and not circular. But it’s all because of this from the front.

Turned it over, and it was actually superior to Apple: two rear camera that sits close to the body, instead of hanging around, how did the iPhone 7 Plus. For some, this may not be too difficult, but as someone who was constantly interrupted, if something is wrong, immediately captivates me. The lens is located just above, on a delicate black ribbon, which proudly showing signs Lakey; This is about as good as P10, and it works very well.

All of the above applies to model Graphite Black, which I tested, but if you are lucky enough to choose the P10 in one specific color or department of Huawei, the comparison is less relevant to the iPhone. Two of the eight colors (Greenery and Dazzling Blue) has been developed in conjunction with experts in Pantone colors and, of course, is the light in the range. Green is not for everyone, but I loved it. This will surely make your phone stand out, you will face a sea of ​​black, silver and gold phone on the street.

Dazzling Blue thin, but it was really beautiful new «Hyper-Cut Diamond Finish» by Huawei. Despite the fact that he is a super-brilliant, he magically repels fingerprints. Well, it’s not magic – it’s science. But in any case it works; Fingerprints will be limited to the front of the phone for this model.

Whatever the color of P10, is a smart and elegant device. Black Graphite models can not have distinctive features, but it fits in the hand and feels really solid. No corners or on the button on the body, and the only real black mark against it – it is not watertight. However, you have a headphone jack on the bottom, next to the port USB-C. You will not get any of them on the iPhone.

If you are not familiar with the P series, you might think that the P10 camera – this is another example of Huawei apeing Apple: iPhone 7 Plus is similar, it has Dualsens installation, which can be enhanced up to 2x, without losing image quality.

But in fact, Mr. Apple fanboy, it is the opposite – because Huawei is the first to arrive with P9 formula around this time last year Apple just to do what he did, and loudly shouting about have revolutionized the smartphone camera. months later.

Anyway, aside from the obvious to the two lenses, this camera is completely different in the way they work. You get a 20-megapixel sensor and the 12MP monochrome color. It’s the same thing we saw in the last year Mate 9, and yielded impressive results.
Although you can use a monochrome camera to shoot a really beautiful black and white photographs, this is not the main trick. On the contrary, it helps make the image sharper and simulate a nice background blur. And, just as with the iPhone, allowing you to enlarge.

P10 is really scale handles better than the iPhone. On the Apple phone you get only 1x or 2x optical zoom, but the P10, you can zoom in on any point of 1x to 2x, or pinch the screen to use or move the slider on the screen. It’s really easy to do and gives you full control over the focal length.