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Snapdragon 835-powered Meizu flagship in the works, could be the Meizu Pro 7

After many ups and downs between the Meizu and Qualcomm seems that the two companies could be reconciled, such as new leaks show that they can work together on a ship to come, which may or may not end up being Pro 7 Meizu.

If it will, it will be the first leader of the Meizu, which will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, but it will not be the only “first” on the device to the manufacturer. Apparently, this phone for the first time offering a curved display and two cameras on the back panel.

In the calendar, there are no other details or specific dates, but is rumored to be the mainstay, may be accompanied by other phones, equipped with Snapdragon chipset 626. This may be a “lite” version of the Meizu Pro 7 or phone completely different