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Your iPhone might feel faster with iOS 10.3

Apple released something really amazing 10.3 of the last iOS update for the iPhone and iPad: a few days later it changed the operating system on millions of devices without the usual user even noticing.

IOS 10.3 update, however, made another important change in iPhone’s experience: making the device feel faster.

Note that we say “feel faster”, and not “faster”.

What we mean is that Apple is supposed to shorten a lot of animation in iOS 10.3, so that the interaction in many interface elements is noticeably faster, without any changes in the actual clock speed of the processor.

We are playing around with 10.3-active iOS iPhone 6s here, and we can not differentiate ourselves, but it was at that time. Do you feel the improvement in speed came with iOS 10.3?

Buy an LG G6 stateside when it launches, and score a free Google Home from LG

It is an unusual thing to find out before the actual suggested retail price of a brand new premium smartphone, but, apparently, LG G6 sooner or later you will come up with a set of free Google Home Country … sooner or later.

Well, technically, you will need to purchase Google Now included with online rewards site after you press the G6 has “authorized mobile operator or retailer.” But the procedure should be relatively smooth and without problems, even though the time for action is limited, and it may take some time, depending on supply and demand.

As a rule, in itself, an intelligent speaker Big G / home computer hub received 129 US dollars, which does not sneeze. Again, if history shows that the four leading wireless service providers, and other third party vendors may have additional surprises and free.

Of course, LG G6 looks more impressive, refined and focused on the mainstream both on paper and in real life than its predecessor. But it is difficult (and tougher) competition, plus a rumored $ 750 or more the initial price in the US are mostly guaranteed flow introductory promotion. Bring a discount war war, and, hopefully, Galaxy S8 will follow