Google Android O: Everything we know so far

Android Nougat – the best version of Google’s smartphone to smartphone to date – but that does not mean that the work is not a new version. As a rule, we are updating the Android version of the year, and the first details began to appear on the network until the summer. That right about now – and right on cue, leaks and rumors began to emerge.

However, you do not have to trawl the Internet to find their own. We have put together everything you need to know here, including all the latest rumors and speculation, the possible release date, features that we expect to see, and lots more.

>> Google will give him a sweet voice …

We just do not know it. If there is a deal to be made, as happened with Android KitKat, the smart money will see how Android Oreo will become official, but Oatmeal Cookies – Another front runner. However, there are many other ideas that make the rounds. How Android Ozark pudding or Android ontbijtkoek?

>> It will add user-friendly features

Two proposed Android O features including “less Copy” and trigger the movement. The first will offer a text that you have open in other applications as you type, so you do not need to copy and paste their own, while the latter will allow you to draw letters on the screen to automatically switch to a particular application – for drawing the letter C will open Contacts. Trigger movement may ultimately prove to be circumcised, but nothing has been confirmed at the initial launch.

>> We will learn more about the Google I / O

Google usually drops hints about the next version of Android developers at the conference, even if it no longer gives us things that are rich in such as name and date of publication (those that appear later). In the input-output multi-tasking last year we first saw in Split screen mode, answer mode rich to notice and cost savings doz. Expect something similar to I / O 2017.

>> You’ll be waiting a while to get

If the slow uptake All Android Nougat is something useful, you can wait for some time before your smartphone will be able to upgrade to Android O. Nougat took four months to move from the preview to the final, finished version of the Google phone Pixel, and in the case this, we would expect a stretch like that. On the positive side, however, the built-in update released with Nougat, can make the process a little faster.

The first will have a phone Pixel and Nexus, and behind them – the flagship of the famous brands. There are phones that more than two years? Maybe you’re lucky. Not all legacy hardware support, so you should check it out closer to launch, to see if you agree with the upgrade.

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