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Worrying number of Nexus 6 owners are encouraged to ‘update’ from Android 7.1.1 to 7.0

A quick check on reality. hardware and software for mobile phones Google Nexus and Pixel, and the retail availability of the new family is a disaster in the last few months. There is no point in beating around the bush, and no longer need to shorten the search giant slack for Pixel XL looks so good … on paper.

But as soon as they think that things could not get worse, loyal users of the original Nexus 6, apparently, dealt another pleasant surprise. The most curious thing of all, it offers a system update to Android 7.0 ….

Now you can remember what was released was released in 2014. Motorola phablet, waiting for an official invitation to the nougat for a long time. But, in the end, no progress resale OS is important, and, finally, errors that come with it, has been canceled.

Then Android 7.1.1 and (eventually) brought to the computer 6 inches Snapdragon 805, is not without its share before and after the failure of implementation. So why all of a sudden back to 7.0? To finish the job with a “100% unused” device “spam message that ends at all”, for obvious reasons, the obnoxious owner Nexus 6. It is enough that they thought it was a problem that relatively spacious (another), some of which support their claims using visual evidence critical.

At present, the obvious “correction” is easy to ignore the renewal notice. If you have not installed it, and in this case, you may have trouble.