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The race is on for this limited edition OnePlus 3T

We do not say to you, if you get to us. And tamp one of 250 copies completely black OnePlus 3T, which will be sold in the store Colette March 21 at 11am CET.

Ah-ha! Central European Time! the race started, Mutli.

Damn. Where this skateboard?

You need something faster than that. I fill my crazy trolley. What is special about the phone? Well, it’s a limited edition, and the engraved logo Colette, and it is in black, which was not previously available.

Otherwise, the standard OnePlus 3T: Android, 1080p display, Snapdragon chipset 821, and 128 GB of ultrafast charging OnePlus famous. And it is still nice: € 479. Yes, and you have a free pair of headphones Bullets V2 as well.